NY Energy Manager

Lower Energy Costs and Improve Resiliency with NYPA’s Digital Platform

New York Energy Manager (NYEM) is NYPA's advanced, secure energy management center, headquartered in Albany. It provides public and private facility operators across New York State with timely data on energy use. By delivering relevant and visually accessible information, NYEM helps drive insights to improve building energy performance, reduce environmental impact and lower energy bills. The data is accessible online through desktop and mobile devices, for energy analytics when you need them. NYEM is designed to work with existing Energy Management Information Systems for real-time energy use analysis.

Thousands of buildings statewide, including all major state facilities, are now taking advantage of NYEM’s advanced data services. 

NYPA designs energy strategies for individual facilities or entire building portfolios. Insights and services are offered and priced based on the level of data collected:
1. Monthly Utility Data allows NYPA energy experts to evaluate overall building performance and to identify cost-saving strategies.

2.Building Interval Data, taken at 15-minute intervals, reveals strategies for cost-saving load shifting and usage insights. Weather normalization and a range of advisory services lead to year-round planning and more savings.

3. Deep Submetering Data allows for fine-tuning of building systems to maximize performance and minimize costs. NYPA offers a world-class degree of technological analysis and expert input to make the most of energy management information systems.